Noothgrush – Entropy

I’ve really got into Bandcamp in a big way in the last few weeks, this is another free treasure & Noothgrush are scarce on streaming services. Sludge old timers, not as extreme as I expected.  Songs are better than on the split with Coffins. More Noothgrush. 

Listened to 28/03/17

Naga – Inanimate 

The boys really turn up the black for release number three in tracks 1, 2 & 5 anyway. “Hyele” is a poisonous stabbing of blackened doom with crippling bass (& the first Naga track I heard). “TMWRRI” is a cover of “The Money Will Roll Right In” by Fang – I’ve not heard the original, just the Mudhoney cover) I  thought “weird title but that riff sounds familiar”. Best release yet.

Listened to 28/03/17

Boris – Amplifier Worship

Oh yeah! This is more like it. Crushing doomed sludge metal. Harsh screams and decaying guitar tone make this by far the best Boris album I’ve heard. Highlights: the bass nreak in “Ganbou-Ki”, the 17 minute drone “Vomitself” that end the album and the jelly worm that is in the spine of the CD case that has swollen to fill up the space over the last 14 years.
Listened to 23/03/17

Naga – Hēn

First full length, also includes “The Path” from the EP – not sure if it’s a rerecording or the same version but it still rules. Naga are still sludging it up but the bass is more prominent on this one, lovely meaty distorted tone. There are fewer stoner riffs but more psychedelic elements (psychedelements). Getting better and better!
Listened to 22/03/17

Naga – Naga

Debut EP from Italian sludgelords, first track “The Path” has a stoner swagger and a creepy slow solo that sounds like it was played by the grim reaper, floating in space. Lots of pounding riff repetition, but they throw in nice unusual turnarounds especially in the 2nd track. I heard about these guys via and they have a new album out on Friday…

Listened to 22/03/17