Boris – Amplifier Worship

Oh yeah! This is more like it. Crushing doomed sludge metal. Harsh screams and decaying guitar tone make this by far the best Boris album I’ve heard. Highlights: the bass nreak in “Ganbou-Ki”, the 17 minute drone “Vomitself” that end the album and the jelly worm that is in the spine of the CD case that has swollen to fill up the space over the last 14 years.
Listened to 23/03/17

Boris – Heavy Rocks (2011)

Been a long time since I listened to these Japanese genre-benders and I’d only heard their sludge/drone stuff. This is more like alternative rock, a couple of tracks are pure Dinosaur Jr worship. Some good guitar playing but the vocals leave a bit to be desired…
Listened 22-23/03/17