Graves At Sea / Sourvein – Split

Graves: “Betting On Black” is one of the best pieces of music I’ve heard recently, grooves, evil vocals and a catchy chorus.
Sour: pretty good, “Equinox” sounds like drugs.

Listened to 30/03/17


Noothgrush – Entropy

I’ve really got into Bandcamp in a big way in the last few weeks, this is another free treasure & Noothgrush are scarce on streaming services. Sludge old timers, not as extreme as I expected.  Songs are better than on the split with Coffins. More Noothgrush. 

Listened to 28/03/17

Naga – Hēn

First full length, also includes “The Path” from the EP – not sure if it’s a rerecording or the same version but it still rules. Naga are still sludging it up but the bass is more prominent on this one, lovely meaty distorted tone. There are fewer stoner riffs but more psychedelic elements (psychedelements). Getting better and better!
Listened to 22/03/17

Thou – Heathen

I was recommended Thou as a similar band to Burning Witch, there are some similarities but there’s less of the sense of personal degradation that you get from BW & Khanate. Heavy & slow sludge doom is the order of the day here but I think they come from a more hardcore background than a metal one so the tone isn’t as crushing as it could be. Vocals are savage rasps. Standout track is “In Defiance of the Sages”. Need to listen to more Thou.
Also – most of their discography is “name your price” on Bandcamp! The albums have different covers though…

Listened 21/03/17

Sunn O))) & Ulver – Terrestrials

Sunn Ulver.jpg

Was expecting this to be worse than a standard Sunn O))) album because of the involvement of Ulver, but they actually add a lot to the sound. “Let There Be Light” shimmers around for a long time before massive drums come in and trumpets go off everywhere. “Western Horn” is more traditional Sunn O))) with heavy bass. The final track “Eternal Return” starts off like ambient background jazz noises before turning into a Garmy synth ballad at the end. Excellent!

Listened 20/03/17 (twice!)