Year of the Cobra – In the Shadows Below

Doom metal without guitars! Only bass! Excellent idea. The signal must be split or overdubbed so the bottom is fat and effects are applied to the rest of it (wah, phaser etc). Vocals are pleasantly narcotic and the drums do quite a lot of work to fill in the gaps.

Listened to 31/03/17








Sunn O))) – White1


Pretty good! This is where they started using lots of collaborators. Julian Cope reads a long, rambling poem and other people do other bits. The 2nd track has an actual RIFF and actual DRUMS!

Listened to 31/03/17

Noothgrush – Entropy

I’ve really got into Bandcamp in a big way in the last few weeks, this is another free treasure & Noothgrush are scarce on streaming services. Sludge old timers, not as extreme as I expected.  Songs are better than on the split with Coffins. More Noothgrush. 

Listened to 28/03/17

Sunn O))) РMonoliths & Dimensions 

2 tracks very good, 2 not the best. The middle 2 are the best ones! Track 1 is just Attila croaking, don’t get me wrong, I love Attila croaking over a dead man’s black metal riffs or Sunn O)))’s rotting drone but there’s  nothing in this to excite. Track 4 adds elements that Sunn O))) just don’t  need. Enjoy the middle of this album though, especially track 3 which might be the rockingest these boys get.
Listened to 29/07/17